A Happy New Year email to my team

It's Chinese New Year tomorrow, it marks the first day of the year for the lunar calendar. It's a time of family reunion and hope for the year ahead.

I hope to send the same well wishes to the team and may 2014 be a wonderful year for Product Development!

Happy New Year 2014

On the eve, we have a reunion dinner, where the whole family tries to get together. It might be that one time you get to see your brother who relocated overseas for work =)

Hot Pot Dinner

^ reunion over a simple hot pot dinner

Yu Sheng
^ Yu Sheng, kinda of like a Chinese salad, where each ingredient symbolizes something good. E.g the crunchy bits on top represents gold. Everyone will toss them together as a reunion exercise.

On the first day, the younger ones have to follow their parents to visit relatives, where they ask awkward questions like "when are you getting married" -_-

Mandarin oranges
^ mandarin oranges are exchanged when you visit relatives, for good health and fortune.
^ Also, a lot of tidbits. I'll try to bring some back

(good health to everyone, be full of energy like a dragon / horse)