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Damon Aw

Hi, I'm Damon. I'm a Web Developer who loves Science, likes running and dabbles in a little bit of photography.

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Mar 27, 2019

Hello World - Rebooting this Blog

Hello World - Rebooting this Blog

Hi there, thanks for visiting. I love reading technical blogs and owe it to them for most of my working knowledge. And of course, Stackoverflow :)I've always wanted to contribute back to the

Mar 27, 2014

How could I miss Giordano Bruno?

In 2010, I was in Rome with Jacky, following a night tour. There was a brief mention of a martyr Giordano Bruno when we passed by a certain square. Today I watched the

Mar 23, 2014

Brooklyn War Memorial

I've been living in New York for almost 2 months, but last week was the first time I spent a day out on Saturday, just walking around downtown. Eventually my feet brought me

Jan 30, 2014

A Happy New Year email to my team

It's Chinese New Year tomorrow, it marks the first day of the year for the lunar calendar. It's a time of family reunion and hope for the year ahead. I hope to send

Jan 29, 2014

Now on Ghost

Okay, this blog was originally on Jekyll on a custom bootstrap based theme. It's ugly, but it's proudly home made and I always 'had plans' to improve it. Until I saw this pretty

Aug 12, 2013

config.assets.cache_store and Rails 4

config.assets.cache_store and Rails 4 Alex Mccaw's post on faster deploys on Heroku got us pretty psyched up. We punched our memcached credentials in: # We use Heroku and Memcachier # This doesn't

Aug 10, 2013

Experience Upgrading to Strong Params

In our workplace app, most models are used by different code paths (e.g. a customer and internal user creating the same resource). Using attr_accessible, all we could do is to permit

Dec 3, 2012

Making PostgreSQL run faster

I use Rails and Postgresql at work. We have a dataset that's growing fast, large and frequently transformed. This becomes a pain when there's a need to pull the data from remote and